What does Ocean & San mean? Why is there no ‘D’?

Our name is inspired by the intersection of Ocean Ave and San Vicente Blvd. If you are a cyclist in Los Angeles, there is a good chance you know that intersection well. To us, the intersection represents not just the starting point of many of our favorite rides, but an opportunity to explore the many diverse riding options Los Angeles has to offer. From the coffee shops in the city, to gravel rides in the Santa Monica Mountains, and the long climbs in the Malibu Hills, Ocean and San will always serve as the starting point for adventure.

What’s wrong with normal cycling jerseys?

Most cycling jerseys are designed for the world’s biggest stage races. Our style of riding never called for the tightest, fastest, tour-winning technology that most apparel brands try to sell you on. Saving a few seconds and a few grams was never a concern. We wanted something that we could wear to the coffee shop and look (somewhat) normal. We wanted something that we could get dirty that didn't cost an arm and a leg. We were tired of ruining a race kit every time we crashed (which was often). So, we replaced our normal cycling jerseys with our All Day Shirt, and we’ll never go back.

How do I know what size shirt to order?

The Ocean & San All Day Shirt and Long Sleeve are all designed to fit true to size. We always recommend ordering your standard Shirt size for a regular fit, and a size up for a looser and more oversized fit. If you still aren’t sure what size shirt to order, please review the product’s size chart or email us directly.

Are the shirts made just for cycling?

No! The shirts were originally designed for cycling specifically, but based on customer feedback and messages they tend to work well for all sorts of outdoor activities! We have seen our shirts used for rock climbing, skateboarding, hiking, paddle boarding, and if you use it for something else, let us know!

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